Branco Prata

The owner of the house where the first FilmCamp was held, recently died… He was the grand father of Steph Killip from Bubblerock and we all had the honor to spend time in his house, surrounded by his memories! Knowing that he died made the Filmcamp experience even more special and unique! 

O dono da casa onde o FIlmCamp aconteceu, faleceu recentemente… Esta casa pertencia ao avó da Steph Killip da Bubblerock e todos nós tivemos a sorte de passar alguns dias neste espaço incrível, rodeados das memórias deste homem tão especial e único!

Filmcamp by Bubblerock, La ...


Shoes: Burberry

Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata

{Film photo taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

Ana is Portuguese, Haakon is Norwegian and they both live in Norway. When they decided to get married, they knew a destination wedding was in order! After they shared the good news with their family and friends, they started to plan an entire weekend of festivities. They embarked on a huge adventure taking on the responsibility of all the styling and details and the whole wedding organization. The Bride even designed her wedding dress for Joaquina Velez Martins to bring to life.

It was a small, intimate wedding filled with ...


Sometimes is not all about the shoes…. but the beauty of the moment!

Por vezes, o que importa é a beleza do momento e não dos sapatos!

Shoes: Luís Onofre Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata

Choosing the list of links from each week is turning into one of my favorites things to do! I get to see so many great things and sometimes is just hard to narrow down the final list! Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to come back next Monday!

Escolher a lista de links começa a ser uma das minhas coisas preferidas a fazer durante a semana! A procura dos favoritos acaba por me levar a conhecer imensos conteúdos on-line, e manter uma lista de 5 propostas, é ...