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When a bride contacts you and says she doesn’t want a particular color scheme… that she wants to use as many colors as possible, you know you’re in for an absolute treat!! I have no doubt that the little details make an huge difference, things like customizing your wedding shoes with one of your favorite paintings, or having your father designing a unique ring bowl, just for your wedding day! Doing all the stationery from scratch… and adding every bit of the couple’s personality in all the things… those ...

This week was filled with off line inspiration, but I couldn’t end it without a few of my favorite links!! Happy weekend peeps!!

Confesso que a inspiração esta semana, foi mais fora do ecrã, do que dentro… mas não podia deixar de publicar os nossos links favoritos!!  Tenham um maravilhoso fim de semana!

- Tabletop and entertaining ideas we love

- Perfect for a sunday breakfast

- This wedding

- This dress

- And this collection for 2015 

– Decoração para mesas e detalhes que gostamos muito

– Perfeito para o pequeno almoço de domingo

– Este casamento

– Este ...

Elsa and Rui got married last August, and a couple of months before their big day, we went to a beautiful beach near Viana do Castelo, to do their engagement shoot! We wanted to create something special for them, so I designed a very simple and organic setting that worked perfectly with the natural environment!

A Elsa and Rui casaram em Agosto passado e uns meses antes do grande dia, fizemos a sessão de noivado, numa praia perto de Viana do Castelo! Como queríamos criar algo especial para estes dois, ...

These days, more and more couples choose Portugal as destination for their wedding! And who can blame them?… Our country is beautiful, we have good food, great wine, the weather is quite nice and people… well, people are extremely welcoming!!! I think these were the right ingredients that help, Laura and Odran make their decision! They got married in a spectacular hotel in Algarve and celebrated the day with nearly 150 guests that travel to Portugal just for this occasion!

Por estes dias, mais e mais casais ...

Today we are sharing a little bit of sun and warmth from last Spring! Georgia and James got married in the Algarve, in a small village near the bride-to-be’s childhood home! It was a relaxed and fun day spent with family and very close friends…. with lots of hugs, smiles and overall joy… just the way it always should be! Enjoy!

Hoje partilhamos um pouco de sol e calor!! A Georgia e o James casaram no Algarve, numa pequena aldeia, bem perto da casa onde a Georgia passou ...