Branco Prata

When a bride contacts you and says she doesn’t want a particular color scheme… that she wants to use as many colors as possible, you know you’re in for an absolute treat!! I have no doubt that the little details make an huge difference, things like customizing your wedding shoes with one of your favorite paintings, or having your father designing a unique ring bowl, just for your wedding day! Doing all the stationery from scratch… and adding every bit of the couple’s personality in all the things… those ...


Today’s Tuesday Shoe Day has to be the last photo of yesterday’s editorial… I’m day dreaming about Spring days!!!

Ainda a propósito do artigo de ontem, o Tuesday Shoe Day, só poderia ser este…. reminescente dos dias de Primavera que tardam em chegar!!!

Make Up & Hair: Marlene Vinha, Pretty Exquisite , Styling: Diana Vinha, Pretty Exquisite

Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata {Film photo taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}



Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata {Film photo taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}


Sophia Webster is a designer known for developing a commercially viable and unique aesthetic, incorporating feminine designs with a sophisticated and modern approach. Her collections are always vibrant and fun, overall perfect for those dazzling brides looking for special something to wear on their wedding day!

Sophia Webster é uma designer conhecida por desenvolver uma estética comercialmente viável e única, incorporando modelos femininos com uma abordagem sofisticada e moderna. As suas colecções são vibrantes e divertidas, sempre perfeitas para aquelas noivas deslumbrantes que procuram algo especial para usar no dia do seu ...

Here are a few ideas we have to carry the rings down the aisle! Of course a beautiful ring pillow can always do the trick but some brides, are looking for a fresh, fun way to have them displayed on their wedding day! We found them mainly in stores, antique shops, vintage markets, etc. Hopefully we can keep growing our small collection and share with you our newest acquisitions!!

Hoje trazemos algumas ideias para levarem as alianças no dia do vosso casamento! Claro que uma bonita almofadinha ...